About Student Legal Services

Funded by Iowa State University Student Government, Student Legal Services (SLS) is a legal aid office that provides free and confidential legal services for currently enrolled, activity fee paying Iowa State University students, spouse cardholders, and recognized Iowa State University student groups. SLS is also available to provide law related educational programs on a variety of topics for students, student groups, and others within the university community.

About Story County Courts

Story County is unique in that courts are located in both Ames and the county seat city of Nevada, located 11 miles east of Ames. Some cases are conducted entirely in Ames or Nevada. Because proceedings in an ongoing case may be held in different court locations, it is important that you ascertain the time and place where you must appear.


Note:  Public transportation to/from Nevada is extremely limited. See HIRTA's website for more information.

Contact Story County Courts

For more information, visit Story County's website or contact:

Clerk of Court AmesClerk of Court Nevada

515 Clark St.

Ames, IA 50010


1315 South B Avenue

Nevada, IA 50201